S i r e n s

Runaway to be to a stray
where glow meets the gloom
Conjure up a window of round
tiny mirrors to look through

I wanted to learn anything
as well as I know you
Certain that I'd find something
in that deep Indjun lagoon

Brightness hides behind desire
You alone can hear the silence
Palest flames & driest fire
You alone can see the sirens

Better gods need kaleidoscopes
just to be viewed
Heartbeat keeps me company
you're still my favourite jewel 


M o u n t  O l y m p u s

A group of people gather round the car
Faces of horror in the fragments of the glass
For every fracture a reflected grief is caught
And when grief multiplies
Immortality is bought

Is this the end?
(Dot to Dot, the finish line shrinks the bigger picture)
Long live our life’s work our legend
(the fire melts the metal down, makes trophies out of us)

The monsters, we paid them cash to get close to god
A supernatural hidden lord
So we could live on through our song
We sold our soul so you can put it on

We sold our soul so you could put it on.
As the flames peel back our underwear and skin
A cloud of ash and smoke and atlases are rising
Up through the sun roof like a chimney in December

Our lyric book, our paper crook, our santa’s letter

Will our souls stop on Mount Olympus?
(dot dot dot, in the meantime, but will the mountain claim us?)
Or has that creature in the crowd come to taunt us
(the demon line already signed but will the clouds keep us?)

Creature made of stalagmites
You took the form of glass that night
Pierces our necks with no mistake
You drew our blood for legends sake


R a p u n z e l

Vertigo, you're my pal
Running on the spot, looking down
My body is a stone cloud
Orbiting upside down

Belly up I swim around
Kicking up the dust with a slow dance
The ladder is a part of me
And I'm the young ghost of an island...

And it glows
As I comb
As it glows gold

He had me where he wanted me!
In a place where no one else goes
I cut off all my hair
So I could watch my heart grow

And it grows
And I know
That it'll glow gold


S e l k i e

It's not ordinary, but boy it likes to rain
Eyes like twin prisms, anatomy of clay
Coloured stones underwater, I need them to gleam
Wind gets knocked out, running machines

But oh, what a beautiful trap!
And oh, how we love to tumble in

But shh, be still!
The heart is a beast
And he's sleeping in


Tempers like glaciers, doors drawing arcs
Scared to turn strangers, don't wanna leave marks
Possession is easy! Lifting the lids
But oh, lazy magic! Fickle as kids 


A r i e l  A v e n g e s

The sun is up in my mind
And the blues are out of their depth
Your face, my water, my wine,
My leg bones your butter and bread

Deep 'low the water Ursula's brooding
I am reclaiming the foam
Choke on my tongue my muscles are loyal
She thinks she's won, she's not won

This is the highest part, reached via the oceans heart
This is the highest part, Ariel avenge your dance

The sun will shadow my home,the gold will colour my legs
By hands hand cast out alone his grey morals favour his men

Pushing his feather, elegant dancer
This bullet cannot be saved
Less loss the daughter
Breather of water
I am the Anderson slave 


B i g  D o g

Moon was glittering, nose was quivering
Oh! Oh Red Hood, I stand out!
I'm set like a trap , can't run from what I catch

Feet are quickening
The colour of my heart
Is neon in the darkness!

Inside I'm wild, I wanna go outside!

All the better to run...
Into the gutter...

Dressed as a friend
and I pretend,
Oh I don't see your canines

He sounded like the trees,
I thought that I was free

Kept him company,
He swallowed me!

Oh now he's gone - to my surprise!

I overpowered him,
Now I look out through his eyes!

Looks like...a Big Dog!

Run, Run,
All the better to run, run, all the better to get anywhere


K r a k e n

All bulbs blow
Unplanned fireworks
Stare at my boots,
There's no place like home

Can't stare down
The huge blank animal
Everywhere in the room

My heart's a machine
And it dares me to do something
I'm waiting for myself again
And I dare me to do something

Little Death!

Eyelids twitch
Matching tibia
Rabbits heart...
Heart in a draft

Light me up!
I'm a cigarette
How we cough...
Cough when we laugh


K i t s u n e


We tow the line but there’s a trigger in our heads
We bide our time, train our wisdom whilst playing dead
These are the skills you failed to manage
Old draconian, damage to your cranium, oh!

Clay fodder face
Feet and hands to just keep time
Extra know your place
Christ your hair’s upstaging mine!

These are the views
We look to vanquish with some brighter ones
Banquet on the ugly ones, oh!

Bold creation, faith enough to plant a seed
You strive for flowers, but settle for the common weed
Who’d have known a weed could dress a war?

Sharp sticks - cold stones
Cruel fame - broken bones
All makes, the blood run bold!
Cheap tricks - harsh tone
Quick wit - lay low
This is what you’ve done for me

Art in our eyes
Music dripping off our tongues, oh

These are the things we look to
Salvage from the wreckages,
Rubbish feeds the best of us, oh!

Look me up and down... 


A n i m a

You with oh your, metal face
You with all your, stealing ways
We are made of stronger stuff, than you
We are made of stronger stuff
and in our dreams we conquer you

You with your hardware, software
minds and you, you with your deadbeat,
no good army… oh

The machines caught us,
Hung drawn and quartered
Our books they tortured
In search of our word

You may have our happy endings
but those pages host pretendings
We are made of stronger stuff, than books
We are made of stronger stuff
And in our dreams we conquer you


A e s o p

Don’t speak
To those Harpies in your head.
Control freak,
This is a fable
Are you able to objectify it?

No big statements
Revelations, softly spoken

Much more Christian...
Than you can fathom!

Are you too modern?
Or just too stubborn?
Or always right?

That's your way!

Don’t lie so damn idle in your bed
Control freak, this is a fable
Are you able to objectify it?

This is the lowest you could possibly go
Is this the lowest you could possibly go?
This is the lowest

In your head,
in your body!

To your peers,
you're just a folly!

That's your way!