Cara Sebastian: Vocals & guitars
Beth Dariti: Bass, BVs, BassStation, trumpet & percussion
Kaja Magsam: Drums, percussion, BVs
Ruby Jack: Vocals & guitars

All extra synths, organ, piano, percussion, handclaps, finger-clicks & bowed cymbals by Rob Ellis.

All songs written and arranged by Marine.

© Marine 2017

Recorded at Grand Chapel Studios
Produced by Rob Ellis
Engineered by Michael Pearce
Mixed by Moshik Kop

Artwork by Cara Sebastian

Thankyou: Rob, Moshik & Mike for your dedication to this album, during and post production! Liese, this album wouldn’t have been possible without you and our spiritual home at Grand Chapel Studios. We really want to thank our amazing mates; Chris, Dorit, Sean, Blondie, Neal and so many others who have supported us, worked with us, laughed with us and helped make us who we are!  We are so grateful to you all!

Love, Marine x