Marine grew between the gaps in the concrete of the city, with four very different stories. Intuitive beats that make you want to move, bass hypnosis that playfully counters melody, with a deep love of contrast - two vocals which braid together over hooky guitar lines into a complex plait of old and new, understated and operatic, light and dark. The songs of Marine crystallised from mythology and fables, mingling with personal words and emotions to form tales of the ordinary and not ordinary. Their songs have referenced the underworld, Seal demons, mighty Kraken, werewolves, witches and gods.... even questioning the very nature of storytelling itself.


Marine have been running their own show in their own way, touring Europe and the UK quickly building a cult following in Berlin and London, flogging countless handmade CDs and artwork. Following dynamite shows at Secret Garden Party, Shambala and more, singles spun on BBC6, and highlighted in Major and Independent magazines along the way, momentum is building. They swim deeper into their concept and are proud to present their Debut album which was recorded at Grand Chapel Studios with a producer they greatly admire; Rob Ellis (Anna Calvi, PJ Harvey, Cold Specks). It is due for release in February 2018 through The Vinyl Factory. 

What is so striking is how each girl's unique character brings surprising twists and turns into the music. The conviction of the sound they make live is both wild and elegant - four musicians who play straight to your gut from the heart.